SYCLES have released their EP “FLOATER”!

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SYCLES is a Japanese electronic music unit that blends European dance music with a Japanese sensibility to create emotionally charged music.

Their new EP “FLOATER” will be released on March 17th, 2023, and includes three tracks with comments from renowned artists.

The EP’s sound is comparable to popular UK electronic music labels and has gained high attention domestically.


SYCLES is a Japanese electronic music unit with members such as Keisuke Ito and Yuta Hoshi.

They create emotional music by filtering European dance music through a Japanese lens.

The group includes members who have gained attention under the name BROKEN HAZE and others who are active in WOZNIAK and DALLJUB STEP CLUB.

Their style features meticulously constructed vivid synth sounds and minimal riffs overlaid with solid and brilliant beats that reveal a sentimental side amidst calm repetition.



SYCLES released their first new EP “FLOATER” on March 17th, 2023.

This EP includes three tracks, including the title track, and features comments from renowned artists such as Anchorsong, ermhoi, Jackson Kaki, foodman , Jinya and Miru Shinoda.

The sound of this work is comparable to releases from popular UK electronic music labels such as Hyperdub, Ninja Tune and XL Recordings and has garnered high attention domestically.

FLOATER release details

Release Date: March 17th, 2023
format: Mp3

Comments from artists

Comments have been received from the following artists about SYCLES’ 1st EP “FLOATER”.

Anchorsong: Two individuals who have been active in Tokyo’s underground scene while keeping an eye on the world produce a series of beats backed by skill and sensibility. Their live act showcases their undeniable talent, and their new chapter is definitely worth watching.

ermhoi (Black Boboi / millennium parade): The track “FLOATER” is like a carousel, invoking emotional memories that bring both a sense of comfort and anxiety at the same time. “SIGNALS” is a peculiar riff that becomes addictive, drawing listeners back in repeatedly. Although he seems calm, ermhoi’s music is actually quite emotional. His unique sense of balance provides a fresh musical experience.

Jackson Kaki: I am always interested in sounds that are constantly evolving. The music of SYCLES revolves around traditional rave music, but what seeps through is how humans interpret and collaborate with music. Here’s to the EP, for imagination and the future.

Foodman: The tracks that stir emotions through the interaction of synth and rhythm and the emotional phrases are cool.

Jinya (D.A.N.): The tracks manipulate mechanical sound images and textures to release physical energy. Balancing information and emotions is important in modern times, and I felt that this work expresses that through sound.

Miru Shinoda (yahyel): The challenge is to maintain the underground functionality and sharpness while providing a sense of uplift as it emerges to the surface. Although this field has been pioneered by bands like Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Bicep, and Overmono in recent years, SYCLES’ “FLOATER EP” achieves it effortlessly.


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