Synmelon: Rising Stars of Thai Alt-Rock🇹🇭

Synmelon is an indie rock band from Bangkok, Thailand. They mix progressive, shoegaze, and post-rock elements to create their own sound. They have released several singles, performed at Cat Expo 9, and are working on their debut album. About Synmelon Emerging from the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, Synmelon is an independent alternative rock quartet carving […]

Lillies and Remains cut

Lillies and Remains release new song “Neon Lights”!

Lillies and Remains have announced the release of their new song “Neon Lights” and a solo live performance. They released “Greatest View” and “Falling” in 2021 for two consecutive months. The aforementioned two songs by Lillies and Remains were produced by minus(-)’s Maki Fujii, following the previous work “Romanticism”. This article is a translation of […]


THE NOVEMBERS release new song “kanashimigakawaitara”!

THE NOVEMBERS return with new song “kanashimigakawaitara(かなしみがかわいたら)” – their first release in three years! A comment from Yusuke Kobayashi (Vo./Gt.) about the new song has also been received. About THE NOVEMBERS THE NOVEMBERS is a Japanese alternative rock band. Formed in 2005 by Yusuke Kobayashi (Vo./Gt.) and Hirofumi Takamatsu (Ba.), both from Tochigi Prefecture, they […]


Cwondo(No Buses) releases new album “Tae”!

Cwondo, the solo project of Taisei Kondo who is also the frontman of No Buses, is releasing their fourth album “Tae”. The music video for the lead single “Gomenn” from the new album “Tae” has been released. About Cwondo Cwondo is a solo project by Taisei Kondo(Vo./Gt.) of No Buses. He released two full albums […]


SYCLES have released their EP “FLOATER”!

SYCLES is a Japanese electronic music unit that blends European dance music with a Japanese sensibility to create emotionally charged music. Their new EP “FLOATER” will be released on March 17th, 2023, and includes three tracks with comments from renowned artists. The EP’s sound is comparable to popular UK electronic music labels and has gained […]