Sen Morimoto

Sen Morimoto on Capitalism and Identity in His New Album

Sen Morimoto is a multi-instrumentalist from Kyoto who currently lives in Chicago. He gained attention after being featured by 88rising, and has collaborated with many artists in Japan. In his latest work “Diagnosis”, which is his first in three years, he addresses issues such as criticism of capitalism and identity dilemmas in a universal language. […]


Why did 9m88, the new star of Taiwan’s neo-soul, collaborate with artists from five countries?

Taiwan’s new generation neo-soul artist, 9m88. She collaborated with Taiwan’s rapper Leo Wang on “Weekends with you”, which has over 10 million views on YouTube, and covered Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love”, which sparked the spread of city pop around the world. On her second album “9m88 Radio”, she collaborated with artists from five countries, including […]

The chairs

The Chairs: Who are the Taiwanese soft rock bands?

The Chairs are a soft rock band from Taipei, Taiwan, who have been making music together since high school. They are releasing their vinyl LP “Hey Aries” in Japan, which features ten songs that range from psychedelic rock to dream pop. The Chairs have a unique sound that blends Taiwanese, English, and Japanese lyrics with […]

manic sheep photo

Manic Sheep : A Taiwanese Indie Music Story

Manic Sheep, Taiwan’s dreamy shoegaze band, is going to reissue “Brooklyn (布魯克林)” by vinyl record, and coming back to Japan! We asked them about how they created such a dreamy sound, music inspired them, and how they felt about visiting Japan last time and this time. Can you guess what effects pedals guitarist Howard uses? […]


Sobs: How did Sobs go from web project to indie pop star?

Sobs, Singapore’s indie pop stars are coming back to Japan! We asked them about their latest album “Air Guitar”, their experiences during the US tour including live on SXSW, and how they feel about touring Japan from June 2nd. Starting with an Internet-based project, how do they establish their current styles? Sobs interview Artist:Sobs Interviewer and […]