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Lillies and Remains release new song “Neon Lights”!

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Lillies and Remains have announced the release of their new song “Neon Lights” and a solo live performance.

They released “Greatest View” and “Falling” in 2021 for two consecutive months.

The aforementioned two songs by Lillies and Remains were produced by minus(-)’s Maki Fujii, following the previous work “Romanticism”.

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About Lillies and Remains

Lillies and Remains cut
photo:Dai Yamashiro

Lillies and Remains is a post-punk band formed in 2007.

The members are KENT (Vo./Gt.) and KAZUYA (Gt.), a duo.

Past members include NARA MINORU (Ba.) and KOUSUKE MIYAUCHI (Dr.).

They have released three albums from Fifty One Records (1st album “Part Of Grace”, 2nd album “TRANSPERSONAL”, 3rd album “ROMANTICISM”) and one cover album “Re/composition”.

LILLIES AND REMAINS holds an event called “BODY” with their own songs, along with PLASTICZOOMS and THE NOVEMBERS.


About Lillies and Remains’ new song

Lillies and Remains released new songs “Greatest View” and “Falling” in May and June 2021 for two consecutive months.

They also released a digital version of their first collaboration song with PSYSALIA Hito (ex.Psysalia Psysalis Psyche) called “before the end”.

On May 19, 2023, they plan to release a new song called “Neon Lights”.

Neon Lights

Lillies and Remains announced the release of their digital single “Neon Lights” on May 19, 2023.

The MV will be released on the same day as the release, and they are also working on a new album.

In addition, it was announced that a solo live performance called “Dazzling Light and Remains” will be held at SPACE ODD in Daikanyama, Tokyo on June 1st.

Greatest View/Falling

Lillies and Remains「Greatest View」
Lillies and Remains released a new song called “Greatest View” on May 14, 2021.

Following “Greatest View”, it was revealed that they will release another new song called “Falling” on June 11, 2021 for two consecutive months.

The production of the songs was handled by Maki Fujii of minus(-), following the previous work “Romanticism”.

Lillies and Remains – Greatest View

Lillies and Remains – Falling

Comment from KENT

Along with the release announcement of Lillies and Remains’ new songs “Greatest View” and “Falling”, a comment has been received from KENT (Vo./Gt.).

“□ About ‘Greatest View’ We tried to create a song with a good melody that is up-tempo, using a lot of open strings for an 80s-like guitar (like Johnny Marr) and a fast-paced drum. Personally, I had a good feeling about Like the way we were that we made before, so it’s like a successor to that.

□ About ‘Falling’ We composed it to have a danceable rhythm and brightness while also having a slightly sad and fleeting impression with new wave-like synths. The first half is mostly the same chord progression while holding back, and the image is to release a beautiful phrase all at once at the end.“

Source: Lillies and Remains’ first new song in six and a half years is produced by Maki Fujii again (Yahoo News)

Lillies and Remains Live Information

Lillies and Remains Live information
Lillies and Remains will hold a solo live performance at SPACE ODD in Daikanyama on June 1st.

Advance tickets will be sold from May 3rd and same-day tickets will also be available for purchase.

In addition, it has been decided that they will also perform at a large-scale festival to be held in Qingdao, China on May 28th.

June 1st, 2023 (Thu) @ SPACE ODD in Daikanyama, Tokyo
Doors open: 18:30 / Show starts: 19:30
Performers: Lillies and Remains (solo)
Advance: ¥4500 (plus 1 drink) / Same-day: ¥5000 (plus 1 drink)

Lillies and Remains Profile

Lillies and Remains

“A Japanese rock band formed in Kyoto Prefecture in 2007. The members are KENT (vo,g) and KAZUYA (g). They made their debut with the EP “Moralist S.S.” in 2008. Their sound is characterized by edgy, metallic guitars and nihilistic low vocals, with a fearless sound based on new wave and post-punk. Initially started as a four-piece band, but after member changes, they became a two-piece band. They have also been active overseas, including a UK tour in 2010 and participation in festivals. In addition to consistently releasing works, they are also actively supporting overseas bands.”

Source: Tower Records

Lillies and Remains Representative Songs (Youtube)

  • Lillies and Remains – You’re Blind
  • Lillies and Remains – Devaloka
  • Lillies and Remains – Wreckage


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