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Synmelon: Rising Stars of Thai Alt-Rock🇹🇭

Synmelon is an indie rock band from Bangkok, Thailand. They mix progressive, shoegaze, and post-rock elements to create their own sound. They have released several singles, performed at Cat Expo 9, and are working on their debut album. About Synmelon Emerging from the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, Synmelon is an independent alternative rock quartet carving […]


2023 best songs of the year🎉

In 2023, A-indie has been delivering information mainly through interviews and reviews of many bands and artists, and updating the “recommended new song playlist” based on the following three concepts. -Only feature artists that we are interested in -Cover Asian artists -Learn about the roots of the artists Through these activities, we received a lot […]


2022 best songs of the year🎉

For the first time as A-indie, songs have been selected irrespective of global trends with regard to the best singles of 2022. We live in an age where genres have become so fragmented that you can hear music from unknown newcomers on the other side of the world on Spotify. That said, this year was […]