Cwondo(No Buses) releases new album “Tae”!

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Cwondo, the solo project of Taisei Kondo who is also the frontman of No Buses, is releasing their fourth album “Tae”.

The music video for the lead single “Gomenn” from the new album “Tae” has been released.

About Cwondo

Cwondo is a solo project by Taisei Kondo(Vo./Gt.) of No Buses.

He released two full albums in 2021 and a third album “Coloriyo” in July 2022 at an astonishing creative speed.

He also performed at Asagiri JAM 2022 and has been attracting attention.

And now, his fourth full album “Tae” is set to be released on April 28, 2023.



Cwondo will release his fourth album “Tae” on April 28, 2023.

Comments from Cwondo

“The Cwondo project has always focused on everyday life, so it has always had a diary-like impression. He has been constantly pursuing points that can be listened to while sleeping or dancing while standing.

The title “Tae” is derived from Taekwondo, the origin of his real name and artist name. He has always been making songs like keeping a diary, and this work feels like an album derived from his life while also feeling experimental. He named the title after Taekwondo’s smooth and oriental image and his first name “Taisei”.

He likes each song very much, but he carefully thought about the story throughout the album and recommends listening to it all the way through.”

Tae release details

Release Date: April 28, 2023.
format: Mp3
1.Ike Suisui
2.Minuma No Yujin
8.Baby Kasutera
12.Natural Kibun

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