GEZAN releases new album “あのち(Anochi)”🩸!

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GEZAN is releasing their sixth album, “あのち(Anochi)” on February 1st, 2023, three years after their last album “狂​(KLUE)”.

The album has been released under the name GEZAN with Million Wish Collective, and it features 13 tracks including “誅犬” and “萃点”.

The music video for “誅犬” has been directed by GEZAN’s frontman Mahito The People and posted on YouTube.

Naoyuki Uchida, who worked on the previous album, was invited to engineer the recording and mixing of “あのち(Anochi)”🩸.



An alternative rock band consisting of Mahito The People (Vocals/Guitar), Eagle Taka (Guitar), Yakmore (Bass), and Roscal Ishihara (Drums).

In 2016, original member Shark Yasue left the band and the band went on hiatus.

The band then restarted with new member Roscal Ishihara. In 2021, Carlos Ozaki left the band and was replaced by Yakumoa.

Formed in Osaka, they also established their own label Jusangetsu and host the throwaway festival ” Zenkankakusai.”

Millon Wish Collective


The chorus team, Millon Wish Collective, was formed at the urging of GEZAN.

The group is exploring the possibilities of the human voice and seeking ways to connect with people during a time when gatherings are discouraged due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


GEZAN anochi Cover Arta

GEZAN is releasing their sixth album, “あのち(Anochi)”, three years after their last album, “狂​(KLUE)”.

A music video for the song “誅犬” from the new album has been posted on YouTube.

Directed by front man Mahito The People, the song is the first release from “あのち(Anochi)”, which will be available on February 1st, 2023.

The album features a total of 13 tracks, including “萃点”, which has already been released as a 12″ single cut from the album and its music video has become a topic of discussion.

Naoyuki Uchida has been invited back to engineer the recording and mixing of the album, as he did for the previous one. The oil painting on the cover is by artist Izumi Kato.

GEZAN with Million Wish Collective – 萃点 / SUITEN Music Video

GEZAN – 誅犬

We Were The World

GEZAN has released the music video for their new song “We Were The World”, with Daisuke Ukisita as the director of the visual work.

Daisuke Ukisita is a digital artist and filmmaker based in Tokyo. He creates visual works for music videos and television commercials, and is a researcher of real time archiviz and cinematics using Unreal Engine 4.

Inspired by GEZAN’s music, he expresses stories that nobody knows yet. His collage like artwork is impressive.

GEZAN with Million Wish Collective 「We Were The World」(Official Music Video) / Director : Daisuke Ukisita

GEZAN released Works

GEZAN has released 6 albums(“It Was Once Said To Be A Song”、“凸-DECO-”、“NEVER END ROLL”、“SILENCE WILL SPEAK”、“狂​(KLUE)”、“あのち”).

6th album“あのち”

GEZAN anochi Cover Arta
Artist : GEZAN with Million Wish Collective
TITLE : あのち(Anochi)
Label : Jusangetsu
Release Date : Wednesday 1 February 2023
CD price: ¥3,300 (tax included)
CD specification: First edition special package
1. (い)のちの一つ前のはなし
2. 誅犬
3. Fight War Not Wars
4. もう俺らは我慢できない
5. We All Fall
7. 萃点
8. そらたぴ わたしたぴ (鳥話)
9. We Were The World
10. Third Summer of Love
11. 終曲の前奏で赤と目があったあのち
13. リンダリリンダ
format: CD

5th album“狂​(KLUE)”

The 2020 version of tribal Pink Floyd madness, a god-killing level music, is about a human who continues to dance forever in Tokyo, a city that continuously loops through deconstruction and reconstruction.

The first part of the album is bound by 100 BPM. The cover features a photo of a Hyottoko dance by Ai Iwane, winner of the 2019 Ihei Kimura Photography Award.

The album was recorded at RED BULL STUDIOS TOKYO with Naoyuki Uchida as the recording and mixing engineer, who is also currently running GEZAN’s live shows and is a master of the dub world.

This is GEZAN’s fifth full album and the latest form of current alternative music.

Release Date: 29 January 2020
4.Human Rebellion
6.Soul Material
8.Tired Of Love
10.Free Refugees
format: CD


Release Date:3 October 2018
1.忘炎 / forgotten flame
2.無神 / NO GOD(know?)
3.肉体異詩 / BODY ODD
4.懐かしい未来 / Nostalgic future
5.細光胞 / DNA
6.優陽 / red kind
7.龍のにほい/ smells of unbelievable
8.淡赤 / Ambient red
format: CD

GEZAN band profile


The alternative rock band was formed in Osaka in 2009.

In 2012, they relocated their base to Tokyo and have been performing throughout Japan based on their unique perspective.

They organize the ” Zenkankakusai” festival, a free admission and pay-what-you-want event, with the concept “I want you to decide the value of fun by yourself”.

In January 2020, they released their fifth full-length album “狂​(KLUE)”.

In May 2021, a new bassist Yakumoa joined the band, and they restarted with a new lineup at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2021. On March 27th, 2022, they held a one-man live concert at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall, the largest in their career.

Their first full-length album in three years, “あのち(Anochi)”, produced with Million Wish Collective, is set to be released on February 1st, 2023.

GEZAN Rating

“In nearly ten years of career, five albums, a documentary about them and the holding every year of a do it yourself music festival with the best of the country’s independent music, the alternative rock band GEZAN became one of the major players in this music scene. The release of their album KLUE, on January 29 2020 on their own label Jusangatsu Records, has confirmed that GEZAN is one of the bands in the Japanese underground that you must keep up with.”

Quote: GEZANRating(

GEZAN representative song(Youtube)

  • GEZAN – 東京 (Official MUSIC Video)
  • GEZAN – DNA (Official MUSIC Video)
  • GEZAN – 赤曜日(Official Music Video)

GEZAN Live Information

  • 1 Feb (Wed) 2023 Hokkaido Sound lab mole
  • 25 Feb (Sat) 2023 HAMAMATSU FORCE, Shizuoka
  • 2 Mar. 2023 (Thu) Aichi, CLUB UPSET
  • 4 Mar 2023 (Sat) Osaka Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
  • 18 Mar (Sat) 2023 (Fukuoka) LIVE HOUSE CB
  • 19 Mar (SUN) 2023 HIROSHIMA 4.14, Hiroshima
  • 21 Mar 2023 (Tue) Okayama YEBISU YA PRO
  • 31 Mar (Fri) 2023 Kanagawa F.A.D YOKOHAMA
  • 18 Apr 2023 (Tue) Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza Hall

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