Burmese Bombshells

Burmese Bombshells release new song “Heaven Or Honolulu”🌴!

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Singapore indie rock band Burmese Bombshells has released their latest single, “Heaven or Honolulu”🌴.

The song is a guitar-driven track that showcases a nostalgic, mellow sound and clever songwriting.

About Burmese Bombshells

Burmese Bombshells
Burmese Bombshells is an indie band from Singapore formed in 2015 by high school students.

The five members are Meg-Mel Dean (Vo.), Ethan Chan (Pi./Gt.), Tan Jing Da (Gt.) Felix Galistan (Ba.), Ryan Chua (Dr.).

They started with the purpose of winning a talent show, they performed their first song ‘Bad Example’ and took second place.

They started performing in school festivals, charity fundraising events. In 2019, they recorded and produced their first EP and released it on international streaming platforms.

They have released one self-titled EP and seven singles.

Artist Name Burmese Bombshells
Band Member Meg-Mel Dean (Vo.)
Ethan Chan (Pi./Gt.)
Tan Jing Da (Gt.)
Felix Galistan (Ba.)
Ryan Chua (Dr.)
Native Place Singapore
Label Staff Only Records
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  • Heaven Or Honolulu

    Heaven Or Honolulu
    Burmese Bombshells released a new song, “Heaven Or Honolulu,” on January 12, 2023.

    This will be their eighth single, following “Adolescence”.

    Burmese Bombshells – Heaven Or Honolulu

    Burmese Bombshells released Works

    8th Single “Heaven Or Honolulu”

    Heaven Or Honolulu
    Release Date:2023年1月12日
    format: Mp3

    1st EP“Burmese Bombshells”

    Burmese Bombshells EP
    Release Date:2019年12月25日
    format: Mp3

    Burmese Bombshells representative song(Youtube)

    • Burmese Bombshells – Nicotine
    • Burmese Bombshells – Calypso
    • Burmese Bombshells – Hana


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