2022 best songs of the year🎉

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For the first time as A-indie, songs have been selected irrespective of global trends with regard to the best singles of 2022.

We live in an age where genres have become so fragmented that you can hear music from unknown newcomers on the other side of the world on Spotify.

That said, this year was also the year I listened mainly to Asian indie music.

Enjoy the best singles of 2022, when streaming became the standard for listening to music🎉.

Best songs 2022 playlist

The editorial team has carefully selected the 10 best songs of the year 2022 and created a playlist.

Why not take this opportunity to look back and see what songs you listened to in 2022 or recently?

Sisters In The Velvet – Blanc Sun Song

Sisters In The Velvet – Blanc Sun Song

Artist name Sisters In The Velvet
Song title Blanc Sun Song
native place Tokyo, Japan

Blanc Sun Song ” by Sisters In The Velvet with impressive piano.

They don’t stick to guitar rock, but are flexible and realise the music they want to make.

What bands are close? The fact that they are not easily replaceable is a good thing. (yabori)

KIKI – Back In The Game

KIKI – Back In The Game

Artist name KIKI
Song title Back In The Game
native place Bangkok, Thailand

When I first heard KIKI, my impression was that a gem of French electro had emerged from Thailand.

KIKI has already been recognised by 88rising in the USA, and the day is near when they will be active on a global scale. (yabori)

Sunset Rollercoaster – Little Balcony

Sunset Rollercoaster – Little Balcony

Artist name Sunset Rollercoaster
Song title Little Balcony
native place Taipei, Taiwan

Sunset Rollercoaster from Taiwan, who continue to make ever-changing, high-quality music based on city pop.

In 2022, they left Asia and went on a world tour, and their new song ” Little Balcony ” is a small electro-pop song that you can enjoy. (yabori)

The Kopycat – Everything You Do

Everything You Do

Artist name The Kopycat
Song title Everything You Do
native place Bangkok, Thailand

The Kopycat’s ” Everything You Do ” is a warm and welcoming Asian indie tune.

The oriental interludes are also excellent. (yabori)

DYGL – I Wish I Could Feel

DYGL – I Wish I Could Feel

Artist name DYGL
Song title I Wish I Could Feel
native place Tokyo, Japan

DYGL were known for their garage rock, but with each album they absorb current music and make it their own.

The most recent example of this is ” I Wish I Could Feel “.

Which music they draw on is no longer an important factor for them.

As their interview with the band, in which they said they were “honest to their hearts”, symbolises, this is the song they want to hear the most. (yabori)



Song title HOWL
native place Tokyo, Japan

There is nothing ironic about it, but ROTH BART BARON’s music, especially in the last few years, has been perfection itself.

Howl” is the result of the band’s unmistakable ego and their willingness to explore without resting on their laurels.

It is a marriage of beat music and band sound, with a post-classical spice, and is a superb ensemble in every way. (Yuuki Takita)

Elephant Gym – Shadow feat. hiyune from chilldspot

Elephant Gym – Shadow feat. hiyune from chilldspot

Artist name Elephant Gym
Song title Shadow feat. hiyune from chilldspot
native place Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Elephant Gym is now one of the leading three-piece bands not only in Taiwan but also in Asia.

Their ability has been proven by the fact that they were invited to this year’s Fuji Rock and have also toured in Europe and the US.

Elephant Gym spins songs with a mass rock and jazz approach, and the abundance and mellow vocals of hiyune(chilldspot) are exquisite.

The stability of hiyune is such that it would not be out of place to say that she is an original member rather than a guest performer. (Yuuki Takita)

Noa Mal – Lover

Noa Mal – Lover

Artist name Noa Mal
Song title Lover
native place Philippines

Filipino singer-songwriter Noa Mal.

This year was the best point in my playlist of female SSWs, which I’ve been updating for a while.

She seems to have been doing her songwriting in a so-called home recording studio, and her de-powering, ennui-like feel is similar to the air of 90s alterna.

The fact that a Filipino artist born in 2000 was selected for this award was also a source of excitement.

An important song for the Asian indie scene. (Yuuki Takita)

Say Sue Me – To Dream (feat.Kim Oki)

Say Sue Me – To Dream (feat.Kim Oki)

Artist name Say Sue Me
Song title To Dream (feat.Kim Oki)
native place Busan, South Korea

Say Sue Me is a South Korean indie rock band that performed at this year’s Fuji Rock and since their debut has been sounding at a high level of 90s US indie-derived sound.

The Korean lyric ‘To Dream (feat. Kim Oki)’ is ear-catching with its vocalisation and dreamy guitars.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a cornerstone of Asian indie identity and dream pop. (Yuuki Takita)

Sobs – Last Resort

Sobs – Last Resort

Artist name Sobs
Song title Last Resort
native place Singapore

Sobs is an indie-pop band from Singapore.

Sobs actually have a strong affinity with the Japanese indie-pop scene, having toured jointly with Japanese band For Tracy Hyde and showing influences from 90s Japanese guitar pop.

Nevertheless, their English pronunciation is good, and their somewhat friendly, high-tone vocals are a perfect match for the indie-pop sound.

Not only are they on a par with their Western counterparts, but it won’t be long before they become a standard in the future. (Yuuki Takita)

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