What is Lesssugar, the leader of the Thai indie scene?

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Lesssugar is a four-piece indie pop band from Thailand that was formed in 2022.

The members are from Ubon, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok in Thailand, and they create music while respecting each other’s geographical and personal experiences.

They stand out as a band that can access the world from the local indie scene that is thriving with the elegant vocals of female singer Fang.

We also selected “trynafindyou” from their debut album “internet teenage lover” for the “BELONG Media’s Top 20 Singles of 2023”. This time, we finally got to interview them.

The interview with Lesssugar was based on the intention of presenting their high artistic quality of their debut album “internet teenage lover” by exploring their roots. We asked them questions accordingly.

In the article for the annual single best, we wrote “There are also bands like KIKI and The Kopycat that are active in Thailand, and maybe the indie scene will be more heated up by Thailand than by the Western countries in the future…?”. We also got a clear answer from them about why the music scene in Thailand is boiling.

Lesssugär Interview

Artist:Lesssugär Interviewer: Yuuki Takita Translator: A-indie Editors

The roots of Lesssugär

– We, BELONG Media, are a music media that focuses on the roots of artists. So, first of all, please tell me about your upbringing. How did you form Lesssugär? Originally, you were a band called The Biirthday Party with three members, Jay, Den, and Patrick, right?
Lesssugär:Yes! The original members of The Biirthday Party are Jay, Den, and Patrick and one day we’ll think of having female vocals so we invite ‘FANG’ to join us.

Fang’s joining and references

– What was the reason for Fang joining the band? I think it was because you wanted to put a female vocal on the sound you made, but did you have any reference bands for that? Also, what kind of music did you play in the band called The Biirthday Party?
Fang:Of course, we just want to experiment with different kinds of sound elements. In The Biirthday Party, we play sound very dreamy so we kinda adapt from those ideas into something that we want to explore to creating new rhythms with floating drums and Fang’s voice vocals

The changes of Lesssugär

– How did Lesssugär change after Fang joined? Did you get closer to the music you wanted, or did you bring about a chemical change that you didn’t even imagine?
Certainly, it sounds like geographical and personal experiences have influenced the evolution of our music. Living in different cities and getting to know each other better have likely contributed to this change in our sound. Fang anticipates that this shift will lead to new and unexpected developments in our music, suggesting exciting possibilities for the future.

Fang’s perspective

– Based on the above answer, how about Fang? How did Fang feel about the band The Biirthday Party before joining, and what are your impressions of working as a vocalist in Lesssugär?
Fang:I was very excited and enjoyed trying to try and explore something new that I never did before. Sometimes I feel a lack of confidence because my skills are not the best yet so that makes me very worried about becoming the frontman, but I also feel lucky at the same time that I’ve got a chance to work with many talented musicians and to be a part of the band.

Thai music culture

– Originally, you were a band that gathered members from different bases in Thailand, Ubon, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. I’m interested in what kind of music culture each region has. Can you tell me more about it?
In Thai culture, different regions boast distinct music genres. Bangkok ONLY and stands out as the epicenter of music in Thailand.

In the Northern territories, folk and indie music reign supreme, owing to the rugged landscape dominated by mountains and dry forests.

Isan, in the Northeast, possesses a unique cultural identity, notably distinguished by its distinct dialects and accents. Many Isan artists sing in their native languages and accents, contributing to the rich tapestry of music in the region. The genres of ‘Mor Lum’ and ‘Luk Thung’ are particularly prominent in Isan music, familiar to many due to their significance within the Isan local music scene.

The influence of music

– The other day, I interviewed Death of Heather, who are also based in Thailand. They told me that they are more inspired by foreign bands than Thai music. Is that the same for you? What are the three albums that influenced your music? Also, for each album, tell me what part of it influenced you and if you have any episodes. If it’s difficult, tell me one album each of your favorite artists.
Alvvays, Poppy, Taylor swift, Landmark!

The origin of the band name

– Tell me about your band name. Why did you choose the name “Lesssugär” for your band, and what does it mean?
Our studio moment was unexpectedly sparked by a simple sight. We were sitting in front of the studio and found a Coca-Cola bottle bearing the words “Less Sugar.” Inspired by this encounter, we found our name!!

Internet Teenage Lover

“Internet Teenage Lover” digital edition cover

The concept of “Internet Teenage Lover”

– From here, I’d like to ask you about your debut album “Internet Teenage Lover”. It’s well-crafted conceptually, has a sense of unity, and is a high-quality work as an album format. First of all, why did you choose this album title? Also, how do you describe this work from your perspective?
The title of our album, “Internet Teenage Lover,” reflects our perspective and encapsulates the theme of falling in love, particularly in today’s digital age where connections often begin online. We chose this title to convey the idea of both the romanticized aspects and the complexities of love, as evident in many of our lyrics. In a world where so much interaction and emotion are mediated through the internet, this title felt fitting to capture the essence of our songs.

The characteristics of the lyrics

– About the lyrics of this work, I think it’s also a characteristic that except for “Kate”, the songs are basically “you & I” songs. Is there any reason for this? Based on the album title “Internet Teenage Lover”, tell me if you had any themes you wanted to convey.
We wanted to convey a sense of warmth and heartfelt emotion, and “KATE”; It’s an old demo we had produced some time ago, and it stuck with us. When Fang joined our group, it felt like we had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle of this song.

The meaning of the album artwork

– The artwork of the album was impressive with the colorful paintings of “eyes”, “pizza” and “mouth”. What do they mean?
We’re not designing it ourselves. It was conceptual art from our brotherhood that we respect. What do you think?

The recommended way to listen

– Who do you want to listen to “Internet Teenage Lover”? Or, in what situation do you want them to listen to it?
Youth amidst the whirlwind of love.

A message to the fans in Japan

– Finally, there are many fans of you in Japan. Please give them a message. (I think you haven’t had a live show in Japan yet, but I hope you will have one soon!)
We’re thankful and appreciated everyone who supported us. Without you there’ll be no band. And we’ll keep doing great music to serve your ears. We’ll finally go to Tokyo to play some shows in April! Hope to see you soon!

Lesssugär album release

1st album “Internet Teenage Lover”

Internet Teenage Lover
“Internet Teenage Lover” physical limited edition cover

Release date (CD): Available now
Release date (Vinyl): March 6, 2024
Track list:
3.it was meant to be
4.wanna get hurt
6.stay away go!
8.WRWM (Physical limited bonus track / Bonus Tracks for CD/Vinyl)
View on Amazon

Lesssugär Tour

  • 『amber vol.1』
    April 20, 2024 (Sat)@Sakuradai POOL
    OPEN / START 17:30
    ADV ¥3500 / DOOR ¥4000
    Acts:Lesssugär (from Thailand)/D.B.Inches/downt/+1band
    DJ:Kotobuki (from Stereo Girl)
    Reserve your tickets [here]

  • 『to’morrow vol.26』
    April 21, 2024 (Sun)@Shimokitazawa LIVEHAUS
    OPEN / START 18:30
    ADV ¥3500 / DOOR ¥4000
    Acts:Lesssugär (from Thailand)/Bertoia/xiexie
    Reserve your tickets [here]

  • 『Gift from Shimokitazawa ERA』
    April 22, 2024 (Mon)@Shimokitazawa Chikamichi
    OPEN 18:00 / START 18:30
    ADV ¥2400 / DOOR ¥2900
    Acts:Lesssugär (from Thailand)/in sea hole/Jun Izawa (LITE)/Sept./Hina Ota trio
    Reserve your tickets [here]

  • 『to’morrow vol.27』
    April 24, 2024 (Wed)@Shimokitazawa Basement Bar
    OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00
    ADV ¥3000 / DOOR ¥3500
    Acts:Lesssugär (from Thailand)/Beachside talks/Loulalee/Moon In June
    Reserve your tickets [here]

  • April 25, 2024 (Thu)@Shimokitazawa THREE
    more info TBA

  • 『Indie Pop Rock Friday』
    April 26, 2024 (Fri)@Kichijoji NEPO
    OPEN 19:00 / START 19:30
    Acts:Lesssugär (from Thailand)/appi/Sugar House
    Reserve your tickets [here](https://lit.link/lesssugarjapan2024)


    Lesssugär band profile

    “Formed in 2022, Lesssugär is an indie pop band that started when Jay, Den, and Patrick, who were in another band together, wanted to put a female vocal on their sound and kept looking for a vocalist who fit perfectly, until they met Fang, the vocalist of the indie pop band.”

    Source: Lesssugär (Less Sugar) band profile (P-Vine)

    Thai Shoegaze Band, Death of Heather, Talks About Their New Album “Forever”

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